Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Yes, May is LUPUS AWARENESS MONTH, and I apologize for missing this whole month! Not wanting to solicit any pity, but I've been sick for most of the month - what a cruel trick for LUPUS to play on me, right? Oh the irony, lol!

But I am finally coming out of my 'Chemo Funk' (Cytoxan/Ritixan) and rushed right to my laptop to get at least one post in. 

 i HATE those hospital gowns!
So this time I'm not going to run off all the many statistics about LUPUS, who it affects, how it manifests, etc... There's so many sites that already are doing/have done a marvelous job at that. I'm just going to remind you all  that there really is someone you know that does actually have LUPUS. That there are so many of us out there that are struggling with symptoms, seeing doctor after doctor with no real answer, some even being told that "it's all in your head", not even realizing they could have LUPUS. Can you imagine

So, I'm not going to get all into that in this post, especially since I've missed most of the month - I'm just going to remind you that some you know has LUPUS, and that they need you to reach out to them, in any way you feel could be useful, helpful. That would mean so much to them.... Trust me!

be well friends
ang :)

ps... you can now count on regular posts from me going forward, with lots of interesting thoughts and info. stay tuned my friends!

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