Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Inaugural Post!

hi there, my name is angela and, among other things... I HAVE LUPUS. this is the blog for the non profit foundation i've started - THE BUTTERFLY PROJECT FOUNDATION  for LUPUS, and this is where i will share tons of information, suggestions, events, fundraisers, anecdotes, and some of my story with LUPUS. you can find my whole story at my personal primary blog PRINCESSTINYBUTT the link is to the right there and i get into quite a bit of detail as to what's going on with me, how i deal with it, as well as just the 'stuff' of my life and how LUPUS relates to it. it's not 'ALL LUPUS ALL THE TIME'. it can't be, that probably wouldn't make good reading. but i do talk alot about it with humor, empathy, anger, understanding, and lack of. warning though - i'm a bit of a character.

now, on to this site. here we will be mostly about the business of LUPUS and how to courageously live with it, fight it - not just deal with it. here is where you can come to gather info and research, post your stories, our victories, suggestions, and frustrations. this is to be YOUR place! so book mark this site and visit often!

MAY IS LUPUS AWARENESS MONTH - and someone you know has LUPUS. please get informed.

we are a 'local' non profit, serving Alameda and Contra Costa counties in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. the majority of our outreach and events will be located in these counties and i'll keep you posted!

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