Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I've been away...

Yes, I've been away and I'm sorry. I've been a bit under the weather lately along with trying to figure out how to juggle my life while being 'sick'. have any of you figured that out yet? if so, please share, lol!

i just realized that i never really introduced myself, my story. yes, i've added a link to my primary personal blog, where i talk about my life. but what if you don't want to click over? so here's a quick run down on me:

i'm angela, a young, married 40-something mom of a beautiful 9 year old daughter, whom we call 'ladybug' and is the joy of my life. i live in the san francisco bay area with my family where i run a small financial and small business services firm with my beloved dad, who's, along with my dear hubby, one of the best guys i know. i am also a certified life coach (coachangela.com) and have been practicing for many years now and i thoroughly enjoy what i do!

about 5 years ago is when i was diagnosed and was lucky because the it came fairly quickly - about 4 months! however, i was near death. i have several other autoimmune diseases in addition to LUPUS, but also of course, related to it. I have pulmonary fibrosis, vasculitis, mixed connective tissue disease, undiagnosed MS (if there's such a thing, right?). this disease affects my heart, lungs, bones, muscles, and brain and i suffer from seizures. my official LUPUS diagnosis is CNS/SLE.

**update 2/2012 -- i now have the LUPUS anticoagulant clotting factor...sigh **

basic duties like getting dressed, cooking, taking a bath, walking, playing with my beloved ladybug are all challenges. my muscles atrophy overnight, and if i sit too long i get incredibly stiff. pain, as all you dear Lupies know is a constant. a few years ago, i suffered a seizure and fell down the stairs after just dropping my daughter off to school. i lay unconscious til a neighbor found me. once at the hospital it was discovered that i lost my memory, couldn't walk or talk, and suffered from aphasia (where your comprehension is practically non existent, your word finding abilities go out the window, and you decided to call everything 'sausage').

yes, i've come a long way, but still suffer from true short term memory loss, which frustrates the heck out of me, along with the loss of some independence and control,and it's quite difficult being a Type A personality and all. (smile)

so there's a quick run down of my story. another important piece is that i am one stubborn so-and-so, but in a good way. i like to do what i want to do, when and how i want to do it. and i almost always find a way, or make my own. sometimes it gets me into trouble. and there have been times when it's saved my life. i drive my doctors crazy because i don't and won't take what they say at face value, but they and all the nurses love me because i do respect and value what they do.

well, i don't want to go on and on. but there you go.

please know that i am back, and here, and you can expect at the very least weekly postings. i will be doing polls, asking for suggestions, personal stories, home remedies, pictures, etc.. i really want this to be YOUR site too.

thanks again and be well.

angela :)